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Tag: This or that?

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Blush or bronzer: Bronzer
Lip-gloss or lipstick: Lipstick
Eyeliner or mascara: Mascara
Foundation or conceler: Foundation
Neutral or color eye shadow: Neutral eye shadow
Pressed or loose eye shadow: Pressed
Brushes or sponges: Brushes

OPI or China Glaze: China Glaze
Long or short: Long
Acrylic or natural: Natural
Brights or darks: Both
Flower or no flower: No flower

Perfume or body splash: Body splash
Lotion or body butter: Lotion
Lush or other bath company: Lush

Jeans or sweat pants: Jeans
Long sleeve or short: Both
Dresses or skirts: Skirts
Flip floaps or sandals: Sandals
Scarves or hats: Scarves
Studs or dangly earrings: Studs
Necklaces or bracelets: Bracelets
Heels or flats: Both
Cowboy boots or riding boots: Riding boots
Jacket or hoodie: Jacket

Curly or straight: Straight
Bun or ponytail: Bun
Bobby pins or butterfly clips: Bobby pins
Hair spray or gel: Hair spray 
Long or short: Long
Side sweep bangs or full bangs: Side sweep bangs
Up or down: Both

Rain or shine: Shine
Summer or winter: Summer
Fall or spring: Fall
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

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